Hello and welcome to… and so it is!  dsc_7354

My name is Cora.  I am a mother of two and happily married. Farley is my much loved dog-child 🙂

Until recently, I was “out there” in the work world, plying my trade as a Paralegal, working for a municipality as a Provincial Prosecutor. In April 2015, I resigned from that position to take some time to re-charge, look after my kids and figure out “what’s next?”

I shared about why and how I came to the decision to leave my job in a blog post called Just this Side of Too Far Gone.

When I consider what I would like to do next, I think about how much I love books and reading, how I love to journal and write about what inspires me, and that I also feel called to inspire and help people during difficult times. I also consider that I want what I do to be meaningful, intentional and an expression of who I am.

Through this space, I hope to share what’s important and interesting to me, including posts on spirituality and the big questions in life. I’m also looking for community, or my “tribe”, so I’d love to hear what you have to say. Thanks for dropping by!


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