I love words..like the word “discern” or “discernment”.

Say it and see for yourself.  It feels so deep; so much meaning in a single word.

Let’s discern, shall we, what’s really important on the journey. Let’s not gloss over, engage in willful blindness, ignorance or head in the sand activities.  Let’s not be deluded or overly influenced.  Let’s stop, breathe, sit quietly and just be for a while, for however long it takes.

Let’s learn and grow and feel what our gut is telling us. Let us sit and patiently wait and allow what is true and clear to surface.  Let us give ourselves the grace of time.

So that what we allow to Lead us forward is pure and good and true.


My “to do” list.

Tell the Truth. Have Faith. Believe. Trust. Love. Give and Receive Grace. Know God.  Share. Know the Earth. Feel. Leave a Legacy. Be Creative. Just Be. Bake, Cook, Knit. Know the Divinity Within Me.  Listen. Write. Comfort. Laugh. Serve.